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How to play

Objective of the game

For each match you will predict the final score. The player(s) who correctly predict the final score for each match will win the points assigned to that match. The overall objective of the game is to try to accumulate the most points by accurately predicting the most scores for every given match in the competition. Throughout the competition, the players will be ranked by the sum of their accumulated points.

Who wins each pool?

For each pool, the winner is the player that accumulates the most points throughout the competition.

Who wins each match?

For each match, the winner is the player that guesses the final score correctly.

What if more the one person guesses the same winning score in each match?

For each match, the winning points will be divided among all of the players that guessed the score correctly.

What if nobody guesses the exact winning score in each match?

If the final score is not correctly guessed by any player, the points will be divided by all of the respective players that guessed the general outcome of the match (Win/Loss/Draw).

What if nobody guesses the general outcome of match?

Although very unlikely, if nobody in the pool guesses the outcome of the match, the points will be divided among all of the players.

How do I know who is winning at any given time?

Live standings will always be displayed in the leaderboard.

Playoff rounds may end up in penalty shootouts, if so, how will the final score be counted?

The final score will include the goals scored in the penalty kick shootouts. For example, a game ended 1-1 after to extra time and the penalty shootout ended 5-4. The winning score will be 6-5.

The table below describes all different scenarios. The player column shows the predictions of every player. The cells highlighted in green show the winner(s) for each scenario:

Final Match ScorePlayer 1Player 2Player 3
BRA 1 – GER 2BRA 1 – GER 0BRA 1 – GER 3BRA 1 – GER 2
BRA 3 – GER 3BRA 1 – GER 1BRA 2 – GER 1BRA 2 – GER 2
BRA 5 – GER 7BRA 5 – GER 7BRA 4 – GER 3BRA 0 – GER 1
BRA 0 – GER 3BRA 1 – GER 0BRA 2 – GER 0BRA 2 – GER 2

User Mode: Player

How do I join a pool?

The Organizer of the pool will need to add you as player using your email address. Once you’ve been added you will receive an email to verify your account. Follow the link provided in the email and you will be able to access the pool.

How do I see my pools?

Once you have verified your email address, click GO TO YOUR POOLS. The following screen will show you all of the pools in which you are playing.

How do I enter my picks?

Open the pool that you are playing, click MATCHES in the round you want to enter your picks and then click ADD YOUR SCORE. Use the UP and DOWN arrows to change the scores. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to navigate to previous/next matches.

Can I change my picks?

Absolutely, you can change your picks as many times as you want before the deadlines per stage.

What is the pick deadline?

There are 6 different stages in this World Cup. By default, the deadlines will by midnight of the day corresponding to the the first game of the stage.

StageDefault Pick Deadline
(Your Local Time zone)
Default Pick Deadline
(UTC Time)
Group Stage
Round of 16th
Playoff for Third Place
Grand Final

What do I do if I miss the picks deadline?

Unfortunately you will not be able to participate in that match.

If I miss a deadline, why will the system not assign a default score of 0-0 for that match?

Other players might have picked a 0-0 score for the outcome of a match. If we default your score to 0-0 and you win, the player who actually chose the winning score will have to split the points with the players who forgot to enter their picks.

What if I choose scores for only 30 matches out of the 48 matches in the first round?

You will be able to play the 30 matches you entered your scores for. You will not be accounted for the remaining 18 matches.

What if I have a question for the organizer?

Open the pool and click MESSAGE BOARD. Write any questions or comments that you may have for the organizer.

Will my messages be viewable by other players?

No, any message written via the MESSAGE BOARD will only be viewable by the organizer.

How can I see who else is playing the same pool?

Open the pool and click PLAYERS. You will be able to see who else is playing the pool as well as their ranking and picks in a pool (however players' picks will not be displayed until the deadline has passed.).

Can other people see my picks?

Yes, after the deadline has passed all of the scores will be visible to all of the players in your pool.

During the tournament, can I check the scores live?

Yes, go to the pool that you are playing and select LIVE MATCH. Live match information will be displayed as well as current winners and picks overview.

I want out of a pool. How do I remove myself?

Open the pool you want to remove yourself from and click UNJOIN POOL. (We will be sad to see you leave).

User Mode: Organizer

Can I join a pool as Player and Organizer?

Absolutely, there is no way we want you to create a pool and miss out on all of the fun.

How do I create a new pool?

Go to the POOLS screen. Enter a name for your new pool. Select the tournament/league you want to play and click CREATE.

How do I configure my pool?

Go to the POOLS screen and search for the pool that you recently created. Click CONFIGURE YOUR POOL. In the pool configuration screen, you will be able to personalize your pool and create your scoring structure. Each pool is worth the sum of all points being played. The table below will clearly show the scoring system:

StageNumber of MatchesPoints per MatchTotal Points per Round
Group Stage48148
Round of 16th8216
Playoff for Third Place177
Grand Final188
Total Match Pts.99
MVP Bounty1
Total Pool Pts.100

Given the above scoring structure, each player will contribute 100 points to the pool. If the pool has 50 players, there will be 5000 points in play during the whole tournament. The table below will clearly show the points per match based on a pool of 50 people:

StageNumber of MatchesPoints per Match
X 50 Players
Total Points per Round
Group Stage48502400
Round of 16th8100800
Playoff for Third Place1350350
Grand Final1400400
Total Match Pts.4950
MVP Bounty50
Total Pool Pts.5000

The maximum points per match will be distributed among the winners.

How do I publish my pool?

Once you are done configuring your pool, click PUBLISH POOL.

Can I change the name/description after the pool has been published and keep everything else the same?

Yes, the name/description of the pool as many times as you need. Changes can only be made as long as the pool is UNPUBLISHED.

How do I unpublish a pool?

Open the pool you want to unpublish and click UNPUBLISH POOL. A pool can be unpublished as long as there are no players in it.

How many people can join my pool?

The maximum amount of players is 150 players per pool.

What is the best way to invite people into my pool?

There are 3 ways to invite players to join your pool:

  1. Add players by email.
  2. Add players by uploading a batch of emails.
  3. Add players by sending a unique link.

How to invite players to my pool?

Open the pool and click PLAYERS. Add players using any of the methods mentioned above and click send invite. Once you add a new player, the new player will receive an activation email from Poolville. The player needs to follow the link provided in the email to activate his/her account.

How do I know if my invitation went through successfully?

The new player will show up below the SEND INVITE box. Below the player’s name one the following status will appear:

  1. READY TO PLAY! – Player it is ready to play.
  2. PLAYER HAS NOT JOINED YET – Player has not validated account by following email link.
  3. WAITING FOR ACTIVATION – Player has not yet been activated by organizer.

How can I communicate with other players?

Open the pool and click MESSAGE BOARD. This message board will allow you to send messages to all or some specific users. Also, you will be able to see the messages posted from other players to the organizer.

Can other players see the messages I sent to a specific player?

No, the message board only allows Players-to-Organizer and Organizer-to-Players communication. Players will not be able to see other player’s posts.

A player has not yet paid his entrance fee, can I disable his/her account without deleting his/her picks?

Yes, as the organizer you can enable/disable players. To do this, open the pool and click PLAYERS. Use the switch under player’s name to enable or disable player’s participation.

How can I delete players?

To delete players click on the red X on top of a player’s profile picture.

How can I delete a pool?

If a pool is unpublished, a blue X should appear in the bottom right corner of the pool. Click the blue X in order to remove a pool.

Miscellaneous Questions

What if I still have some questions?

You can write to us at directly with any other questions that you may have.